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My Wishlist!!! I know some of these are pretty much impossible but I still do believe some will willing to part if they had these.

Looking for Cels, Sketches, and Backgrounds.

-The Super Mario Bros. Super Show
(Will literally give close to $800 if you have a anything.)

-The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
(I have a few SMB3 stuff but I will like more, willing to give to $300 if it's really good.)

-Super Mario World
I have too much from this show but still looking more and certain cels.

-Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Looking for a least a good pose of Sonic or any other character in the show.

-Sonic Satam
(Will literally give close to $500 if you have a anything.)

This one is a hard one, There's not a lot of cels and all that out there but would really like more.

Sorry, the wish list is empty right now. Haven't yet made a wish. (Sniffle.)

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